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Monday, March 30, 2015

Extra council tax band more popular than mansion tax, poll finds

People would rather the government introduce a higher rate council tax band on the most expensive homes than a mansion tax, a survey by the HomeOwners Alliance has found.

This supports FairHomeTax's independent evidence from the CEBR that clearly showed that adding 3 bands to existing council tax valuations will generate more than Labour's punitive Mansion Tax. Full details can be seen at http://www.fairhometax.uk/FairCouncilTax_CEBR.html  

The HomeOwners Alliance survey, which gathered popular opinion on the parties’ housing policy pledges, polled over 2,000 adults and found that seven in ten (70%) supported an additional top band of council tax on homes over £2m – proposed by the Liberal Democrats – compared to just one third who support a mansion tax – proposed by Labour.  

The survey also found that an increase to the inheritance tax threshold was more popular than a mansion tax, with 58% supporting it.

Paula Higgins, one of the co-founders of the HomeOwners Alliance, said homeowners were pragmatic about increasing taxes on higher value properties.

‘Homeowners are generally keen to be able to pass on their family homes to their children, which is why there is support for an increase in the inheritance tax threshold,’ Higgins said.

But with an acute shortage of housing, the priority for the public was to ensure that those who wanted to own the roof over their head were not at disadvantaged by foreign buyers and those who have second homes, Higgins said.

A policy put forward for Londoners by Major Boris Johnson to make developers market homes in the UK before marketing them overseas received support from 80% of the respondents.

To see the full article and poll results go to: http://www.publicfinance.co.uk/news/2015/03/extra-council-tax-band-more-popular-than-mansion-tax-poll-finds/

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