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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dailly Mail 29 Nov 2014 - FairHome Tax Research
The Daily Mail has given great coverage today (saturday 29th November 2014) to bringing  sense to the issue of fairer property taxation. To see their article click on the image in the blog or go to this link
To see the article above with other media coverage go to www.fairhometax.uk/MansionTaxPressCuttings.html

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[ posted by james timothy, 21.03.15 18:57 ]

the press seem to be missing the point, 'socialism' is a now historic phenomenon,
what starts off as 'mansion tax' will thereafter change its name to 'property value tax' and within a few short years of its birth will apply to all but the most modest properties, certainly each and every house in the south east of UK will be judged a 'mansion' purely by its value ( in today's terms £500,000 and upwards) so, a semi in any London suburb
tax is tax however you label it.
memories seem short,
in March 14 a new tax was introduced and designed to 'hit' wealthy foreigners [and all other parties]and who were purchasing 'high value' london properties in the name of a company ( whether UK company or other ) you may ask what value comes to mind when the treasury says 'high' - well at introduction high meant £2m+ but at the same time it was announced that the new tax would one year later apply to any property over the value of a mere £500,000
voters be warned, it makes no difference how a 'tax'starts its life, it will only ever become higher and more far reaching forever after


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The Campaign for Fairer Tax on UK Homes is run by Howard Cox, the founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign.  Howard Cox is a staunch campaigner for stimulating the economy, motivating consumers and fighting unfair taxation. FairFuelUK, is the Nationally Recognised Award Winning Campaign fighting for lower petrol & diesel prices and is widely accredited with stopping £30 billion of road user taxes being levied on businesses & public in this Parliament. Without FairFuelUK prices at the pumps would be over £1.60 per litre. Its time for all Parties to recognise that the family home is not the tax cash cow for their spending aspirations. A property taxation reform is long overdue.