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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

For decade’s home owners with or without mortgages have been easy taxation targets by successive Governments.  If in doubt, to raise more taxes, certain Political Parties resort to the time honoured predictable approach of taxing family homes on the basis of value rather than the ability for the owner to pay. And even more worrying the property value banding assessments politicians base tax levies on, are completely out of date and wholy discriminatory.

Stop the Mansion TaxThe Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats want to tax areas where they feel are politically popular. They call it, for totally re-election positioning, a fairer way to obtain tax revenue from those who are perceived to be wealthy.  How wrong they are! The current taxation of the family home through Council Tax, Stamp Duty, IHT and Capital Gains is unbalanced, punitively unfair and ill-thought out. And now there is the spectre of the emotively named "Mansion" Tax.

In just 5 days, 16,000 supporters of more equitable home taxation have signed up to the FairHomeTax Campaign. They call on MPs to make family home taxation fairer and to debate this issue in Parliament now. The FairHomeTax Campaign is not fighting for lower taxes per se, but for fairer and equitable taxation for all UK Home owners. It's now time to review the whole taxation system on our family homes and to say no to Labour's Mansion Tax.

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[ posted by David Kent, 11.11.14 14:24 ]

The Mansion Tax is outrageous, penalises homeowners who have struggled to buy and improve their house on taxed income and have absolutely no control on the market value their property and worse of all takes no account of their ability to pay. Labour will never again receive my vote withy this in their manifesto.


[ posted by John Staves, 11.11.14 14:57 ]

Taxes like the Mansion Tax penalise people for working hard and building assets to fund their futures. I thought we were supposed to be encouraged to save? I will always need something to live in - so investing my taxed income in my home is never realisable, unless I choose to change my standard of accommodation downwards.


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The Campaign for Fairer Tax on UK Homes is run by Howard Cox, the founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign.  Howard Cox is a staunch campaigner for stimulating the economy, motivating consumers and fighting unfair taxation. FairFuelUK, is the Nationally Recognised Award Winning Campaign fighting for lower petrol & diesel prices and is widely accredited with stopping £30 billion of road user taxes being levied on businesses & public in this Parliament. Without FairFuelUK prices at the pumps would be over £1.60 per litre. Its time for all Parties to recognise that the family home is not the tax cash cow for their spending aspirations. A property taxation reform is long overdue.