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1. Do you believe it is now time for the current taxes on homes to be reformed in order to create a fairer property taxation system for the benefit of ALL UK home owners and the Nation's Economy?

2. Are you against the introduction of Labour's 'Mansion Tax" or any similar new annual levy that's based on the value of your home?

Please help us to get Parliament to debate Fairer Taxation on Family Homes

3. Is Mansion Tax a General Election Issue for you?

4. How much do you agree with the following statement by Nigel Wilson, the chief executive of Legal & General?

The Labour Party is Pandering to the “politics of envy” by promising to impose a levy on homes worth more than £2 million. It could exacerbate a housing shortage and make it even harder for young people to buy their first home. The mere threat of a mansion tax has already slowed the top end of the property market, and will result in fewer properties getting built. The policy is unlikely to raise even a tenth of the £1.2 billion that Labour says it could generate as home-owners are likely to find legitimate ways of avoiding it. It will certainly come nowhere near raising enough money to fund the 30,000 extra nurses and midwives Mr Miliband hopes to employ.

5. Which of these issues about Mansion Tax do you agree with?

6. Which of these home types do you think will be subject to Mansion Tax in the next few years?

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